Ready to create & start distributing your audio-books with INDIEAUDIO?

Australian Authors have an opportunity to create a great presence in the growing marketplace and we can make this happen without high cost and with the strong marketing required to succeed.

We’re building something special here. A collaborative network of publishers and distributors who want the audio book industry to thrive as much as you do. Joining INDIEAUDIO doesn’t just make you competitive because you’ve chosen a wide sales strategy. When you work with INDIEAUDIO, you're helping amplify the voices of all authors and independent publishers around the world.

We have designed a studio in Melbourne and hired professional technicians and narrators of all voice styles. Along with high quality production of the books, we also create outstanding covers and packaging and design a comprehensive marketing plan for your Audio books success. 


Together, we all get more.

The Audio books will be adapted as a new book publication process, that we already have in place, which means we offer the below benefits to our Authors of this program 

  • Dedicated professional production team

  • Turnkey managed production with your choice of Male & Female voice artists

  • Fully detailed production agreement & terms

  • Fixed price and flexible payment options

  • ISBN’s audio book publication

  • Ongoing communication, or consultation, with producer

  • Full CD print cover and packaging and National distribution

  • Digital online publication globally to 40,000 Audio book re-sellers’

  • 50% Author royalty on Nett of all global sales

  • 10 copies of your CD Audio book, w/sale price purchasing for additional copies

  • 100% publishing guarantee

  • 50% Agent fee refund on achieved sales milestones

  • Pre-launch catalogue to over 2000 Australian bookstores & libraries

  • ​Launch press release to over 3000 media houses

  • Exclusive promotion to UK and USA book sellers

  • Guaranteed reviews on or before release

  • Social media marketing & agency representation

  • Telemarketing and sales incentives direct to book re-seller's

  • Monthly promotional blasts to key listeners

  • Author profiles & interviews on industry websites

  • Inclusion in monthly full-page advertisements in national book retailers’ magazines

  • Listing for national school & library access

  • Interviews with key media bodies

  • Email blasts to min 50,000 genre Audio Book subscribers

  • Skype/email marketing support ongoing

  • Reporting summaries of book sales and marketing

More Listeners. More Sales.

With INDIEAUDIO, your audio-book can be sold through more audio-book retailers online and over 2000 book stores & libraries in Australia and NZ.


It’s the best way to create a balanced sales strategy while reaching the most listeners. Because no matter where a listener searches for your audio-book,

we want them to find it.

This is an option for all Authors to consider, even if your book is published elsewhere, we can create your Audio book to compliment and extend your audience and sales potentials in the global market.

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