How much does it cost to be published & promoted with Indie Authors?

We offer both options on publishing your book - fee based and Traditional based. Depending on the work required and the work already completed. Evaluating your book publishing and promotion support is difficult without a full evaluation and further conversation. Variables such as editing requirements, format, word count, size of the book, style of paper, cover style, colour, images, and product finish vary this significantly from book to book; not to mention the marketing approach required to establish the book into the market. As an agency, we estimate our projects and present agreements based on this support to your work. We offer flexible payment terms on any fees as the projects are scheduled over a 12-month period to being released into the market, so we have time to work together and design the best success for your work.
Please submit your book to us for the next part of the consideration of your book having publishing and promotional support from our agency. 

Why would I use your agency to publish and promote my work?

Save time and money, put simply. See our comparison chart here.

As you will see on this chart, an individual writer will spend a lot for little gain yet our agency designs marketing plans that enhance the returns at a level of success. We do everything for a third of any cost you will incur on your own and we focus on clear results.

Will you publish and promote my book?

All efforts are made in considering submissions, yet only a few will be able to be selected and worked with for greater success. The best thing is submit today and we will discuss the best options for your book and our agency to work together.

Will you Publish Non-Fiction works also?

Yes, we will always consider any publishing option Authorship's are based on standard fiction and we welcome submissions for Non-fiction considerations yet will quote or discuss the best and most affordable requirements for the books with the author. Our goal will be to do it more affordably and promote more succinctly so the author has much less to worry about.

Will you publish Authors outside Australia?

Yes we will, yet we primarily focus on Australian authors being promoted globally and exposed locally for greater success. We will always look at the options we can endeavour to work on for the success of all writers.

Will you create promotional Videos for my book?

Yes we can and this can be discussed and quoted as requested.

Will you Edit my book?

Yes, we include a Manuscript assessment, full line edit with discounted offering due to the requirements and a final proofreading of the MS before publishing. The first 65,000 words are included in your Authorship with a nominal 0.10 cents per 1000 words thereafter. We also include reviews for the book in pre-sale and release. Awesome! We do not outsource your work, or send you off to a list of providers, all our team are contracted to us for your exclusive services and pricing.

What is IndieBooksaust.com.au?

This will be the awesome website directed purely at our authors listings and sales. It will feature your profile and details for your own websites and social media links also, and have links to all our online and offline stores where your book will be available. This is a great way to achieve more sales margin, as selling from our own website will reduce the third party costs taken by Book depository and Amazon and alike.

How does the IndieAuthor publishing model work?

Through our IndieAuthor professional publishing our authors gain greater royalties, and are benefited by the lower spend upfront to publish and mass promote their books for sales. This co-op approach allows for an individual to save time and money but gain the highest possible exposure, as the costs of promotions are spread across the entire group of Authors, not just one author. Without the support of each other, the model will not work and each writer would pay close to $10,000 AUD for our efforts and services.

This allows you to back yourself and invest in your own work, while retaining a higher level of control over the final product than those published traditionally. We in turn ensure that the quality of your book is second-to-none, and you are given legitimate access to the book market by having your book sold into bookshops by your sales team.


How is this different to self-publishing or vanity publishing?

Even though you are contributing to the upfront costs of your book, Indie Author could not be further from self-publishing. Your book will be produced to the highest industry standard and managed by us the entire way - no awkward covers, thick white paper stock or badly designed internals here.


We take the time to work with you every step and you have final say on your book, hence self-publishing it with a professional backing. Even traditional big publishing houses will not give you control or input into your book preferences, so self-publishing can give you a heap more positives and savings through the process.

We then sell your book in the market. Your book will be hand sold to Australian and New Zealand booksellers by your incredible sales team based in Australia, stored in their warehouse (instead of 500 copies stored in your garage) and distributed across Australia and New Zealand.

We also ensure your book is available to purchase at all major online retailers, including Booktopia and Book Depository, which again means you do not have to spend time or money listing on all the available channels for your book.

As for vanity publishing, this is where people with too much money and ego print or design their book and spend a heap of dosh on promoting it poorly but do not really care about any returns from the book as it is merely their vanity to say it is written and published to family and friends most of the time. Also, vanity publishing is clearly identifiable when idiots willingly give their book away for FREE and for discounts. This is insane and we will NEVER give a book away for Free as we are designed to make our authors money and build credibility. We may offer free sample chapters and launch book signing or review copies but these are strategic.


There's no vanity here, and no shame in investing in your own work and brand.


How many royalties will I get from sales?

Because of your initial investment, we offer our authors between 80-90% royalties which helps you immensely build return on your investment, and percentage we retain goes to admin, charities and operating costs of sustaining your support network for success. We will pay your royalty monthly to your account as nominated, not the usual 3-6 months from other publishing houses.

Who retains copyright of my work?

You retain full rights to your work.


What bookshops will my book be available in?

We can never know exactly which bookshops across Australia and New Zealand will stock your book  however we can guarantee your book will be available on all major online retailers, the bookshops in your local area and libraries. Your book will also be available to order by every bookstore in Australia and New Zealand, if they choose to stock your book. which we will promote to them with enticing benefits, so the odds will be good and we will keep all authors updated on progress. We work closely with Dymocks, Collins and quite a few more plus we align with the Australian Booksellers Association.


Will my book be available for purchase in the US and UK?

Yes, your book will be available for purchase internationally as a hard copy via Book Depository, and an eBook via Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and many other well-known sites. As a member of the Australian Publishing Association we are registered and well-regarded in the overseas market.


Do I get any copies of my book?

Yes! Every publishing proposal from us includes complimentary copies of your book, with opportunity to buy more at author discount offering. You also gain consignment copies for book-signing and launch events as needed in your Author packs.

Do you help me market and publicise my book?

Yes, but we also do it all for you, so you are welcome to be involved and plan your own marketing options. We strongly encourage you though to steer away from free options and focus on the best returns. We will work with you as desired when the time comes. We will also target key entries, with your permission, to major awards and media exposes. Our aim is to have over one million readers exposed to your book even before it is released...as a modest minimum...!

How long does the whole publishing process take?

Because we are dedicated to professionally publishing the best quality books possible, the entire publishing process takes around seven to twelve months. 

This gains us plenty of time to create buzz around the launch of your book, and gives us the time to properly curate and brand your book so it appeals to target readers and generates your demand.


What should I do now?

Jump over to our Submissions page and live your dream! Keep Writing!

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